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Vegan/Vegetarian: Suitable for Vegans, Suitable for Vegetarians; Ingredients: 100% nori seaweed; Russian Post: send; Country of origin: Russia; Storage conditions: from +10°C to +25°C; Volume: 100 sheets; Packing: 100 sheets; What ingredients do you need?: Nori seaweed (sheets)

Nori seaweed for sushi and rolls

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Algae nori is the most necessary product for making Japanese rolls at home! If you want to cook rolls yourself, then you can not do without nori sheets. The size of a standard nori sheet: 18.5x20cm. By cutting a sheet of nori into 2 parts, you can make small rolls, similar to those served in a restaurant. Rice and ingredients are wrapped in nori sheets to make rolls. In addition, nori seaweed is great for rice dishes and Japanese salads.

Nori seaweed is a low-calorie, nutritious food. If you prefer a healthy lifestyle and watch your weight, then you should add nori seaweed to your diet.

Production: Russia

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Weight: 230g; Ingredients: nori seaweed; Country of origin: Korea; By Russian Post: we ship by Russian Post and CDEK; Expiration date: 2 years

Premium class restaurant grade nori seaweed.

Nutritional and energy value per 100g: 29 kcal / 1213 kJ, proteins-41g, fats-0g, carbohydrates-28g, fiber-20g, vitamin C-493mg, vitamin E- 8mg, calcium-3755mg, iron-18mg, sodium-472g, phosphorus-947mg

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What ingredients do you need?: Nori seaweed (sheets); Country of origin: Korea; Volume: 20g; Ingredients: 100% dried seaweed; By Russian Post: sent by Russian Post and SDEK

Seaweed for sushi Nori GIM, dried, Korea, 20g

Nori is used in Japanese cuisine to wrap rice and other fillings in a roll or to add a salty taste of seaweed to a dish.

Fried nori seaweed is most often used. If you want to cook rolls at home, then you can't do without nori seaweed.
One sheet of nori is enough for 6-8 rolls, so a few sheets will remain for sure.
Here are a couple of tips on what to do with nori if you have already made rolls and still have some seaweed:

  1. Add 1/4 sheet to ramen or miso soup on top as a garnish . The algae will give the broth a salty sea flavor.
  2. Make the onigiri
  3. Make the nori chips. Cut the seaweed into small sheets, season with salt and crushed chili peppers or other spices.
  4. In addition to rolls, there are also gunkans. They also need nori.

Energy value: 336 kcal/100g
Nutritional value per 100g: proteins - 35.6g, fats - 0.8g, carbohydrates - 52.8g.< /p>