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Weight: 120g; Composition: Specified in the description; Country of origin: Taiwan; Packing: Branded; Storage conditions: Store at temperatures up to +30' and relative humidity in the air no more than 75%. After opening the package; By Russian Post: we ship by Russian Post and CDEK; Producer: Bamboo House

Mochi daifuku with milk tea and tapioca balls.

Delicate rice dough with milk-tea filling, and in the middle a soft ball of tapioca similar to marmalade. Everything is covered with chocolate

Ingredients: sugar, maltose, glutinous rice, trehalose, thickener, bubble-tee fillings (sword beans, sugar, butter, black tea, flavoring) brown sugar , oil, emulsifier, salt, flavor, potassium sorbate. Non-GMO

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Weight: 225g; Ingredients: maltose, sugar, yuzu paste, starch sugar syrup, rice flour, chocolate, gelatin, trehalose, modified starch, sorbitol, flavor, thickener, citric acid.; Country of origin: Japan; Packaging: Branded packaging; Storage conditions: Store at a temperature of 2 to 25 degrees in a cool, dry place; By Russian Post: we ship by Russian Post and SDEK; Manufacturer: Kubota Seika Co., Ltd; Barcode: 4971679013348