Kit-kat from Japan with unusual flavors

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Volume: 10 pieces of 11.6g; Composition: Specified in the description; Country of origin: Japan; Packaging: Branded packaging; Storage conditions: Store at a temperature from 2°С to +25°С and relative air humidity not more than 75%.; By Russian Post: we send by TC SDEK and Russian Post; Shelf life: 12 months; Nutritional value per 100g of product: see description; Producer: NESTLE JAPAN

Japanese Orange Kit-Kat, 12 pcs 11.6g each

Japanese Orange Kit-Kat is a milk chocolate flavored with orange oil and waffle filling with orange powder.

One chocolate bar:
64 kcal
0.81g protein
3.7g fat
6.8g carbohydrates

Ingredients: sugar, whole dry milk, vegetable oil, flour, cocoa mass, lactose, cocoa butter, yeast, orange juice, cocoa powder, emulsifier, flavor, acidifier, baking soda, yeast, paprika.